Blink 182

Blink 182

My Favorite Band - May They Rest In Peace. Amen.

Left To Right: Mark Hoppus; Tom Delonge and Travis Barker.

This is so weird. I started loving a band waayyy after they broke up 😦

I always knew about them, but never really gave them a chance. The only song that I had of them was “All these small things” and that didn’t even have half of the fun compared to the other songs! Moving 0n,  after I got my DSL line; I went on a downloading spree – heard of it? Well, I was downloading random songs and thats when I came across “I Miss You”, “Feeling This” & “Happy Holidays You Bastard”.. And I Just ♥ them now!

Some of my Favorite songs by them these days are “Stockholm Syndrome” (The Lyrics are so friggen cool!), “Always”, and Adam’s Song. Now there has been a controversy regarding this particular song. Now it was said that a boy named Adam had commited sucide and when Blink 182 heard about this, they decided to write a song about it – and ironically – the lyrics were well related to this incident (They were about suicide; how “Adam” will be forgotten after his death etc.). This later turned out to be false as there really wasn’t any guy named Adam – it was just a skit made by someone and due to name of the Script “Adam’s Letter” and all the things written in it, some people thought Adam had inspired Blink 182.

The Site :

Anyway Have Fun! And ohmygosh, I totally forgot, they play Punk rock.. And since they broke up (Another Story); The have joined other bands. Mark and Travis decided to make “+44”, while Tom thought up of “Angels and Airwaves”. Apart from this, when all 3 used to be in Blink 182, Tom and Travis decided to make their own side project that they labelled “Boxcar Racer”. They only released one self-titled album, but they songs were awesome! Some of my favourites would have to be “Letters to God” (because of their lyrics) and “Elevator” (Cause’ they had Mark on the vocals too!).



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