Twilight : The Saga

Twilight : The Saga

Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison)

Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison)

Well, as we all know Twilight is one of the most coolest books on the planet nowadays! And with the growing hipe, how could the directors/producers not think about making a movie for it?! Lets start from the beginning..

3rd June 2003.

Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight Saga™ saw a dream that molded the most sacred book of  all time.. The dream showed a human girl and a vampire sitting beside her who despite being in love with her, also thirsted for her blood. Just that one dream had given her enough inspiration that in the next couple of years she would have written FOUR bestselling novels.

She then started writting her first novel (Twilight) and in a matter of 3 months she had finished completing it!

5th October 2005.

Twilight was published in hard-back.  Stephenie Meyer has stated that the apple on the cover represents the forbidden fruit from the book of Genesis. It symbolizes Bella and Edward’s love, which is forbidden, similar to the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

One of my favorite parts in this whole book was the 23rd chapter; ‘The Angel’. It was so truly heartbreaking, especially the line, “..’Bella, Bella, no oh please, no no!’ And the angel was sobbing tearless broken sobs..” Beautiful isn’t it?

The Book Cover for Twilight.

The Cover for Twilight.

After nearly an year, the second book New Moon was published..

6th September 2006

New Moon was also published in hard cover. The story was the complete opposite of  Twilight. For one, it didn’t have Edward Cullen throughout most of the book! It was mostly about Bella and Jacob and how Bella was coping with the loss of her true love Edward..(He left her, bluffing that he didn’t love her anymore, though in truth, he was doing it because he feared that his hunger for her blood may overpower his love for her).. how she and Jacob became bestfriends and Jacob’s formation into a werewolf.

Though the cover of New Moon (Which is a red and white tulip) does not have any important significance, the name itself refers to a ‘dark phase’ – something like how Bella felt when Edward left her.

If I had to choose which one of  the books in the saga would be my least favorite (which is completely absurd) it would have to be New Moon, as it didn’t have any of the Cullen family members 😦

My favourite chapter in this book would have to be from chapter 22 and onwards, mainly beacuse Edward was once again with Bella!! It was just sad that this caused a fight between Bella and Jacob.. My favorite line, or rather lines would have to be “..Edward stood beside me, casting no reflection, excrutiatingly lovely and forever seventeen..” from the chapter “Party”, “..’All those people,” I sobbed. ‘I know’ he whispered. ‘It’s so horrible’. ‘Yes, I wished you hadn’t seen that’..” from “Flight”, and well, I actually like all the dialouge exchanges between Bella and Edward in the last 3 chapters so can’t really choose..


The Cover for New Moon.

7th August, 2007

Due to the sucess of the 2 former books in the saga, Eclipse was an immediate sucess as well. It had more romance, more story and most of all; more of Edward and Bella! It was quite refreshing compared to New Moon.

The book cover shows a torn red ribbon in front. It represents the choice that Bella has to make between Edward and Jacob. Stephenie Meyer also said it showed that Bella was still not so sure wether she was really ready to leave behind her human life.

Eclipse is my absolute favourite in all the books. It was more fulfilling than compared to the previous ones.

Cover for Eclipse

The Cover for Eclipse


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