Breakingg Benjamin. </3

Aiight, so just recently [more like a month ago] I came across this great song by BB called ‘Unknown Solider’. Its an amazing with all the guitar, & the drums & what not.

The lyrics are very much based on a solider’s life on the battle field & how it goes down.

Border line,
Dead inside.
I don’t mind,
Falling to pieces.
Count me in, violent
Let’s begin, feeding the sickness.
How do I simplify,
Dislocate – the enemy’s on the way.

Show me what it’s like
To dream in black and white,
So I can leave this world tonight.

Full of fear,
Ever clear.
I’ll be here,
Fighting forever.
You’ll find me
Climbing to heaven.
Never mind,
Turn back time.
You’ll be fine – I will get left behind.


Holding on too tight.
Breathe the breath of life,
So I can leave this world behind.

It only hurts just once.
They’re only broken bones.
Hide the hate inside.


[Very quiet voice:]
Forever leave this world behind


Holding on too tight.
Breathe the breath of life,
So I can leave this world behind.

Ahh so beautiful. Its really made me think about how easy we all have it, facing nothing that the soliders face out there. & how they’re calm with the idea of dying for just one cause’ – with everyone else. How they fight the enemy that is so much like them.  Killing the enemy just to save themsleves & to save the country they fight for.

This seriously makes me wanna join the army & fight for a cause that I will be recognized for. Not just for my religion, but also for my country, for my people & their safety. Unlike so called Jihad fighters, I do not want to judge innocent Muslims for not being more ‘Muslim’, & kill them off – judging is not for them but for Allah.  Jihad fighters are nothing but cowards for killing themselves along with the other innocent people. But as for the real soliders back in my country ;

British Soliders at War.

British Soliders at War.

I salute you.  ❤


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