Early Morning. Not so exciting.

So its 4:05 a.m here & .. am just so boredd.

Was readingg ‘€˜The Ghost’€™ by D. Steele for almost 2 hoursss & then I got kinda paranoid -€“ & don’€™t judge! It’s normal when I’€™m concerned! =P

Speaking of paranoid -€“ I’€™ve started liking that song by by the Jonas Brothers. O_0

Yehh I knoww -€“ even I’€™m shockedd .. this can so not be happening.

Anyway right now I’m on Mark’€™s blogg & am checking out the lastest entry he just posted -€“ his outing with TONY HAWK! [Pretend its the 4th of July for 2 seconds now].

Anyway its quiet right now. A bit too quiet.

Ohmygodd -€“ I hear somethingg! It sounds like someone’€™s movinggg!

Ohh its my brother. -_-

Anyway so, I know I shouldn’€™t be happy about this, but I’m so happy Travis broke his arm [he’s aiight now] cause’€™ because of that Blink is back together! =D

Well, the sun’€™s coming up I think. No? Lemme checkk.. okay yeh it is still kinda darkk .. ughh & I gotta get up earlyy & excercise my self out. =[

I think I’€™ll just do it now & get over with it -€“ I shouldn’t have eaten all that icecream. =S

Uff , I remember the time when I used to stay up like this all night & study for my IGCSE exams. Fun times -€“ No really. I miss it all so muchh. Espcially since it was the last time with all my friends together..

Anyway here’€™s the link to that intervieww b/w Mark & Tony.

Dissent TV: Tony Hawk with Mark Hoppus of Blink 182

Ohh btw – the sun’s out. xx


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