Outings at odd hours. 0_o

Okayy so last night, more like morning [it was 12 am] my dad decided to round us lot & take us out .. god knows what made him think it was such a good idea but anyway no one was left behind much to my demise. =|

Anyway so we’re out & then my dad decides to buy some pep. pizza so that it’ll be ‘fun’ but somehow I dunno why, I started feeling kinda nauseous & also since my dad took us all to corniche, I soo didn’t wanna come outside; so I just sat in there, sulking.

After like 2 hours, we left that area & then we cruised around a little more & then I saw something really weird ; A car that had a stuffed dog with its head stuck between the window of the back seat, & just as I was about to take the picture ; it left really fast. =[

Anyway so I got back home & I was sooo tireddd. So then I lay down for half an our & then started reading this book ; & then I prayed, stayed up again, ate a cheese sandwhich, & then slept, woke up at 2:30 pm .. anyway yehh thats about it. =]


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