I got a new Laptop. =]

LOL this was so unexpected!

Okay ever since my holidays started, I’ve been begging my dad to take me to Jarir Bookstore, cause’ I just wanted to see some books & actually check out the laptops & their prices – so then atlast about 2 days ago my dad was like, ‘aiight lets go’ & I was like, ‘cool’. So we went there, & I saw this really cool Dell Laptop there & I turned to my dad [actually I walked all the way too him since he was half way around the store] & told him about the awesome laptop I’d seen & that I was ready to leave now – so he was like ‘Laptop? Why not buy a Desktop PC?’ & I was like ‘Laptops are portable’ ; then he was like ‘do you want a laptop?’ [I thought he was just asking me] so I was like ‘Yehh obviously!’ & then the next thing I know I HAVE A FRKKN NEW LAPTOP! Only it wasn’t the Dell one, my dad got me a Samsung R510 [Gonna put up a picture] WHICH IS AMAZING!

Its great not to share my laptop now! Ahh sweet freedom. =]

Anyway so I love my dadd! Thank youu soo muchhh! ❤ ❤

My Baby. <3

My Baby. ❤


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