RIP Michael. </3

So Michael Jackson just passed awayyy at 50 .. which was really suddenn.. cause’ we were just browsing through the TV channels & then next thing we know is that a TV channel just confirming he passed awayy .. it was all too much to think about suddenlyy.

I mean he was just gonna start his tour in London – 50 frkkn concerts! About a Million tickets sold. He was looking forward to it ..

He was reported as to having got a cardiac arrest when he was at home & the paramedics that arrived said that he couldn’t breathe by the time they reached.

Anyway back home, my dad was like ‘Ohmygod! No way! This man is dead!’ & then he kept tsking again & again. Then he turned on his laptop &  youtubed all his old videos & interviews & reminisced the early days of his university when he used to listen to his songs .. I guess he felt like he had lost a part of his own life he used to once live ..

So anyway, this is a tribute to the legend, the King of Pop ; RIP M.J – We’ll remember youu always. ❤

We will Remember you Always.

We will Remember you Always.


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