-Imitating Dr. Doofenshmirtz- ‘Curse you Lian Hearn!’

I never really had something serious against Lian Hearn until I realised that this man had copyrighted his books so much that I can’t find a decent torrent to download his second book in the ‘Tales of the Otori’ series titled ‘Grass for his pillow’.

Now the book is very much like Eragon, & I enjoyed it ALOT! There are about 5 parts ; the last being a prequel.

Some of the similarities between Eragon & Takeo [the hero of the book] are that firstly, they both got involved in their respectable adventures at the same age – 15. Also, they are both adopted – however Eragon was adopted since he was a baby while Takeo got adopted after his village was destroyed – which brings up another point that both of their villages were destroyed when they were out hunting for their family or loved one , & both their villages were destroyed by the Emperor’s/Lord’s men.

Also,  they discovered they were a part of an ancient league of specially chosen people – Eragon became the Dragon Rider, while Takeo learned he had the blood of assassins in him. Both of them are also taught by learned masters of ancient arts – Eragon studies with Oromis, while Takeo studies with Kenji. Both learn amazing techniques – such as knowing a prescence is close by or around without looking.

Both are also in love with Women who cannot be theirs. Eragon falls for Arya – an Elven Princess who is over a 100 years old while Takeo falls for Kaede, a woman who was supposed to marry his adoptive father before he died – which brings us to show that their adoptive fathers are both dead already. Also both their fathers were evil men who killed many others.  Both Arya & Kaede seem to have strong personalities.

There maybe more similarities that I am unaware of – but I think I’ve sumed up most of them. =]

Cover for the book I want right now.

Cover for the book I want right now.


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