The Best Cover of ‘Aliens Exist’ I’ve ever heard.

I really do like the original version of ‘Aliens Exist’ but this one I heard really made me feel like there was something special about this song that I’ve never felt before. Maybe it was the way the guy was singing it – or maybe it was the dialogue that followed – but it was surely the particular paragraph he was singing.

“..And I know it must be late,
Been gone since yesterday,
I’m not like you guys;
I’m not like you.

Dark and scary, ordinary, explanation,
Information, nice to know your, paranoia;
Where’s my mother, by your father.

Up all night long,
And there’s something very wrong,
And I know it must be late;
Been gone since yesterday.
I’m not like you guys,
Twelve majestic lies..” ❤


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