She’s Leaving. & Not Coming Back. ♥

Aww Godd. My bestfriend is leaving this 14th & its just 10 days away ; we only have 10 more days together. =[

I remember those days when we were practicing for our English Orals for our IGCSE exam & how tense we were & how I pretended to be the examiner & used to ask them questions about the 5 given topics – I think they were Music, Humour, Achievement,  Crime & Living in another country. Anyway we were soo scared! & we didn’t know HOW to practice – so we just used to ask each other random questions about each & every topic & we were finally calming ourselves down – all of us felt a little better except Hira, LOL she looked like she was so unsure of herselff & it was sad. =S

So I practiced with her LOADDSS! & Then on Friday, the day had finally come & we were all nervous again, & then Hira went in & guess how it went? It was amazing for her! LOL we laughed about how crazy it all went that day & wished how we could’ve done it all over again since we did get a little nervous. =P

And all those times last year when we were preparing for our GCE board & we were sending each other all these txts about which questions to cover .. & how happy we were to see each other after the holidays & how all of us huggedd. =]

Or just recently when she came to my house a few weeks ago .. with Hera A. & Mariiam too .. & how muchh funn we hadd ..

& now we’ll only have memories that will promise me that they’ll be the only ones left of her. =[

Our last chance of meeting her is this Fridayy .. lets see if we’ll meet again. =]

Now I’m off for cold coffee. =D

”]Bestfriendss. <3 [The other 2 are somewhere around too =P]

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