Amazing Memories..

So my friend is leaving tomorrow morning at 9 am & I can’t stop missing herr. Its just gonna be emptyy todayy .. tomorrow will be the last time I’ll be able to talk to herr..

Speaking of which, she just sent me a txt right now!

It says, ‘..Hey Mariyam! I read your wallpost… Its the cutest thing i read!(after your blog) and its funny…how did you come up with everything? I guess im gonna miss you more than anything! Hira..’

Its just sad. =[

Very Very Much So.

This was my wallpost I wrote to her,

Mariyam Shoaib Hira!
Whenever you check this, I just wanted you to know that I’m gonna miss this;

1. I’m gonna miss calling you this year when our IG result shows up.
2. I’m gonna miss how your sister [Ayesha] used to look up at us worried when Hera &I used to show up. =P
3. How you used to go all red & pink when you used to say anything you deemed ‘unappropriate’. [I’ve got LOADS of memories of those!]
4. How I always confused your mum & sister for you on the phone. =P
5. I’m gonna miss your HAIRR! =D
6. Gonna miss all your ‘forced’ hugs that you would pull me into while I made a facee. xP
7. All those opportunities when I would call you to talk about ‘Erum’ & ‘KA’ & how you would make Erum sound horrible. [Those were amazing!]
8. I’m gonna miss dissing that certain ‘someone’ in school who used to seize every opportunity to talk to you. Haha
9. I’m gonna miss asking you to help me out before an exam/test/or anyother brainy stuff. =]
10. Most of all, I’m gonna miss YOU more than anything else. =[

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I think I’ll go sit all by myself & have a little cry.

Just gonna miss you alot.


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