All the Small Things. [I love Kyle. Period.

I’ve been watching this show called ‘All the Small Things’ for the past 3 days & its amazing!

Well, its about this couple – The Caddicks who are in charge of a choir, & they have a new comer in town, Layla who has an exceptionally heavenly singing voice . Instantly taken by her, Micheal Caddick accepts her in, & tells Esther to drop out so as to make place.

Days pass by & Layla & Michael get really close & he leaves Esther for Layla & moves in with her. Mean while, their eldest son Kyle is a little autistic but nevertheless, he has a brilliant gift of music, & has an extensive knowledge of Tom Delonge .. & even plays his famous signature Gibson ES-333 ..

Anyway he get engaged to Grace Oudidja, his next door neighbour & an excellent drummer in his band.

Its an amazing show .. a must watchh.

All The Small Things.

All The Small Things.


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