Out & About [I].

Okay so last Wednesday my friends & we just hung out .. it was the weird [yet amazing] cause’ we just didn’t do anything .. even though time’s running short since hardly any one of us will be together but I don’t wanna think about it again ..

Anyway so I arrived first & we kinda just sat talking .. & talking .. & then we went out [which btw I screwed up because I made then take the long road] & my hair got all messed up :s

Then we headed for my place & LMFAO we just IM’d people in our lists & talked to themm & Mariiam found it especially hard to leave the laptop behind when we leftt while Hera had to run back to the shop & buy yogurt & stuff for her mum while I drank Mountain Dew. =D

Anyway we got back & had dinner & then Hina Baji made this scrumpilitious desert! It was CHOCOLATE!

But then everyone had to go .. & the day ended just like that.

I finally realised that this is the year where the strongest group would depart.


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