Out & About [II].

Last Friday I once again woke up at 4 p.m [not proud of it] -_- & just got online & Nafia IM’d me to come over if I could soon. Obviously why would anyone say no?! So I just told her I’m asking my dad & so when I did ask him he was like “We’ll See”. Yehh rightt.

So about at 6 I asked him again – ARE WE LEAVING?! & He goes like ‘Nope’.

Now this the part where I make this horrible sad/angry/frustrated face which makes people think twice before they say something or in this case, rethink. So now he goes like ‘Okay we’ll go’.

So then I started getting readyy & then when I come out – EVERYONE’S GETTING READYY & IT WAS MAKING ME EFFING LATE! I actually reached Nafia’s place at 8 p.m!

Anyway so after that I just hung out with her till 11 p.m but it was awesome! Well first we just sat inside & talked for like 20 minutes & then we went out for a while – till 9:30 actually .. it was fun cause’ we were just sitting outside .. doing nothing .. just talkingg .. I mean we hardly ever get to do this!

Then we saw a little bit of this movie – ‘Lesbian Vampire Killers’ [Surprised not to see ‘From Outer Space’ attached with it] & we went out again .. then by 11:10 my parents came & I leftt.

& they got me this whole cross stitching thing! I can’t wait to start it!


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