Out & About [III].

Okay so yesterday I invited Hera over cause’ I was just boreddd. Well anyway my parents were out so since she couldn’t come over I had to go alone. Well I don’t really mind but its my mum. -_-

Anyway so about half the walk was smooth & perfect, I mean no problem but then when the shop approached, there were these two fugly looking guys like really old who started whistling at me so to throw them off I pretended to go to the shop instead but they followed .. so then I ran all the way to Heras cause’ I got really scared.

Then Hera & I took the longer road & reached home ..

After that all we did was use my laptop & take quizzes & stalk her cousin ‘Maja’ & talk to him .. well she did the talking I did the stalking.

We also did this Facebook search on Abros & then like 2311078 people showed up & LMFAO thiss group called Abro standing for ‘Army Base Repair Organization’. xP

Anyway thats about it.


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