My Life is Desi. xP

Haha I came across this site yesterday called ‘’ & it has to be the best & most amazing site everr! Its AWESOMEE!

Its got posts from desi kids all over the world sharing their everyday desi encounters involving parents/aunties/uncles or desi cousins. Some where so FOB like,

The other day I was watching ‘I am Legend’ with my parents. My dad immediately laughs and goes “heeyy its Eddie Murpheeeey”. My mom corrected him instantly, “Noo! Its Smith Wilson!”

Today while I was taking a bath my girlfriend called & my dad picked up the phone. The first thing she said was ‘Baby I miss you everyone’s out I’m alone comeover ASAP’. My dad came up to the washroom door & said ‘Beta tou bahar to aa’. I didn’t come out for 2 hours.

Today I was looking through my baby pictures and realized that I was wearing my sister’s baby clothes in half of them. I’m a guy. MLID.

Today, I found a grammar assignment from 4th grade that I got an A- on because I wrote “Aunty” instead of “Aunt”, and placed it after the name instead of before. MLID

This afternoon, I was looking for dahi in the fridge, and I saw 5 yogurt containers…yet none of them had dahi, MLID

Today, as I was driving, some asshole cut me off and my father became furious and screamed at me “HORUN MAAR ISS SALEH KO!!” MLID.

Today, at work, some gora co-workers who are kinda racist starting getting on my case. They asked mockingly ‘ Do you people have washing machines in pakistan ?’. I replied ‘No, I get my servants to wash my clothes.’ MLID

Today I realized, My mom and dad only walk in on my TV shows when someone is being provacative. Never when the characters are taking a test, or teaching morals. Just when someone kisses. Then they yell at me. MLID.

LOL there are loads!

This is the one I posted up. =D


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