The New Weird Chair/the Kitchen Table & the party. <3

Okay so yesterday my parents bought this new table set for the kitchen and a weird kinda chair for um .. relaxation .. so they’re pretty cool .. check them outt. =]

The Tablee in the Kitchen.

The Tablee in the Kitchen.

and the Chair .. I LOVE SITTING THERE!

My other love.

My other love.

Ignore the chair on the right. -_-

Anyway we had this party too last nightt .. it was pretty amazingg .. & I actually cooked! I had to send some to KA but umm wasn’t able to .. more importantly I got myself a list made which was entitled ’10 things that prove Mariyam Shoaib is a loser’. -_-

But ahah anyway it was a good nightt .. & couple the chair, my laptop, me & Grey’s Anatomy .. it was perfect.

Also Hera finally left for Pakistan that day .. I mean I thought she was leaving tonight. =S

I was so depressed that I came online since I couldn’t face the darkness. =P


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