Athetists – One of the groups that I cannot agree with.

Okay so like recently, I came across this group on facebook about atheism, now I don’t mind athetists; I mean if they believe there is no God then aiight – but what really sickened me were the pictures posted in that group.

They were actually;

1. Stereotyping every religion. As in that Muslims are terrorists & beat up women, Christan Priests are not allowed to marry so they’re pedophiles & alot more bull.

2. Putting up pictures that actually make God look like he made mistakes. [Na-uzo-billah]

I can’t believe they can’t believe that God exists! I mean God is in our souls! You can feel someone there with youu. Someone who acts like your conscience, Who knows you in & out without you letting you talk.

A world without a God would be in chaos, completely overwhemed with sins & atrociousities. What those athetists call ‘common sense’ is something that He blessed us with. We know whats right & wrong because He told us.

Ahh f— them. -_-


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