Accidents – do happen. =|

Last night, one of my closest friend was in this car accidentt .. I mean it was badd. Thank God he wasn’t hurt at all, he’s alright now but a little shaken from what happened. He actually flew out of the car when the accident occuredd. It sounds so scary! I mean you never think that something like this can happen to you & when it does, it scares the ever living out of people.

Well, he was speeding down a curve & his car got out of control & it slammed into this thing that protected a transformer [the thing that converts high voltage to low voltage] & Allhumdulilah he wasnt electricuted. O_o

Anyway so he’s really shaken, & he can’t really understand what happened & he’s decided he won’t drive for a while .. & thats a good thing cause’ he needs to get back to normal.

I guess these kinda things happen for a good reason, & I know I may sound crazy right now – but maybe God wanted to warn him about driving like this & stuff.


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