Arwa’s Birthdayyy.

I think I’ll refer to Arwa as my second cousin since she’s my dad’s cousin’s daughter .. & she even happens to be Indian. xP

Anyway so it was her birthday on the 13th of August & she was turning 1 year old. I think. Anyway so this is the worst part, I woke up at EIGHT A.M IN THE FRKKN MORNING!

I mean yehh sure, its no problem, but it was aweful since I had a cold & a migrane to compliment it.  Anyhow, I dragged on through the day though I was effing tiredd but I did .. also, since I was bored it just made me moree lazyy.

I wore this red Kameez Shalwar & stuff & got ready anyway & then I just sat there ALONEEE in the midst of all these hybrid Paki/Indians & got sleepy & extremely crankyy .. I was practically barking at everyone I knew.

Anyway the food was okay, I mean it was actuallyt\ weird tasting .. this beef dish tasted like fish & the other stuff just looked horrible. & then the drinks were warm. & then the meetha was kinda like my mum’s chinese soup left in the fridge.

We finally got home and thenn & I sleppttt! =D

Oh & some kid called me ‘Auntie’ .. which made me wanna call her ‘an old bitch who can’t see well enough’. -_-


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