True Blood. & Anne Bronte. Not to mention Twilight.

I’ve been watching the first season of True Blood [since its the only one out now] & I’ve just reached episode 6 since I like keeping it slowww. =P

Anyway, so the main story starts out with the world being shown the existance of Vampires .. yehh I know it sounds same old when it comes to vampires , & to a certain level it does; but its a little different. Anyway, so it starts out with Sookie Stackhouse, a girl who has the ability to read other people’s minds, she has an older brother Jason Stackhouse & she lives with her grandmother. Anyway things are always different for her since she’s got this gift, & its even more annoying for the viewer cause’ they all have a Tennesse, Texas accent that atleast I personally hate.

Anyway so she meets & saves this vampire Bill, who is different for her since he’s the only ‘person’ who’s mind she can’t read & she’s happy about that. Also, Bill isn’t the normal heartless vampire that you think he is, he’s still got a bit of humanity & gentleman aura around him. They both take an instant likeness to each other much to her friends dismay since they’re scared for her.

She also works at a resturant where her boss Sam Merlotte who ironically happens to love her AND also be a shape shifter. Ironically because this is so very much related to Twilight;

Firstly, Bella is liked by all the ‘human boys’ but she doesn’t pay much attention to them but pays alotta attention to Edward when he walks into the cafeteria just like Sookie doesn’t pay attention much to human boys & suddenly feels attached to Bill when he walks into the bar.

Secondly, Edward isn’t like other vampires, he is kind, he can control himself & he isn’t scared to hide his true feelings about Bella, he’s a gentleman, & killed vampires who tried to hurt her – Bill also is kind, can control himself, isn’t scared to show him love for Sookie & kills a vampire who tries to hurt her – oh & is also a gentleman.

Thirdly, Sookie’s boss doesn’t like Bill & he happens to be a shapeshifter. & he loves her. Just like Jacob didn’t like Edward, he was a shape shifter & he loved Bella.

Fourthly, Edward was first drawn to Bella cause’ he can’t read her mind; Sookie was drawn to Bill cause’ she can’t read his mind.

Fifthly, in one of the chapters in Twilight, when James comments on Bella smelling delicious, Edward says ‘She’s mine’, similarly in one of the episodes, when a ‘friend’ of Bill says Sookie smells delicious, Bill says ‘She’s mine’.

Needless to say, both stories are based on books – ‘The Southern Vampire Mysteries’ series was published in 2001 while ‘Twilight’ in 2005.

Also, Ironically, Bill the Vampire is played Stephen Moyer while the writer of Twilight is Stephenie Meyer. xD






True Blood.

True Blood.


Also, I think I’d like to mention why I added Anne Bronte’s name here. Well, she once wrote a book called ‘Agnes Grey’. It was a good book & all, & the main woman – Agnes has feelings for a man named ‘Mr. Weston’ who is a gentleman once again. He’s a curator at the church & then they get married & live happily ever after. Guess what his name was? Yes. It was Edward. Edward Weston.


The Bronte book.

The Bronte book.


Did I mention both Bella & Agnes were Brunettes?

Okay yehh I should stop. =S


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