Beautiful Disaster.

I knew it would be hopeless to try but I so really wanted to do it .. tuning it wasn’t easy at all .. I still have 3 strings that I can’t tune. & then I tried playing ‘Adam’s song’ via youtube but I sucked .. so then I decided I’ll try the 3 basic open chords for beginners .. & guess what? I can’t do it. I just can’t. I can’t even do basic stuff let alone play Blink songs.

I think thats why I like Blink 182 so muchh – they play music that I can’t .. they do suff that I can’t do .. playing the guitar is something I want to excel in .. I just can’t believe I can’t do it .. I tried, I really did.

I need a teacher, someone who can really teach me .. not just some internet tutoring cause’ that doesn’t help me .. & it might be years till I get lessons .. this isn’t me .. I’m the one who should know how the guitar works, I’m the rock lover & this is what I am?

I have never been this sad or disappointed on myself. I can’t blame me cause’ deep down, I know I’m trying my best .. shit happens .. but this was something I had wanted forever. & now, I’m drowning in the beautiful disaster that I created.

I’ll cry for my faliure since I don’t think anyone will understand the exact stuff I’m going through. xx


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