The first ever unofficial underground Club in Karachi.

A friend of mine posted a video about the first ever night club in Karachi. First I was actually happy about Karachi moving on but then I realized how wrong it was, I mean its completely voilating the rules & morals of our society & our religion.

Everyone of the people acknowledged that & still didn’t care. I’m not saying they shouldn’t dance or whatever, its just that you could clearly see the alcohol bottles, girls smoking ciggs, all of them falling on top of each other like they were duped. I mean it was so sickening.

Also, they didn’t know how to dance. -_-

Partying out isn’t wrong, its just awkward when you’re dancing with an unknown guy/girl & then they decide to make a move on youu .. its also weird if they spike your drink. Seriously, Pakistan’s youth is out of control & are crazy. they don’t know shit. No one’s asking them to completely westernize themselves to look better or something.

This disgusted  me so bad.


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