Eric Northman. ♥

I’ve been watching True Blood the past week & OMG I’m totally in love with Viking Vampire Eric Northman! I mean seriously, he’s the hottest vampire besides Emmett!

Anyway, he’s portrayed by Alexander Skarsgård, & no he’s not that hot in his other roles. Anyway there’s not much known about him except for his flashback that shows he was a warrior & was turned into vampire by Godric .. the insanely hot vampire.

Anyway I didn’t like Eric that much in the first season, I mean yehh he was hot but I liked himm wayyyyy more in the second season cause’ they’ve got more scenes & alot more story with him. Most of my favorite scenes in the 2nd season were with Godric & I was so sad to see him die, I would’ve even posted the video here but its too sad. =[

This is the scene where Godric saves Sookie from Gabe who was going to rape her & then calls for Eric.

This is my most favorite scene EVER! Its when Eric offers himself instead of Godric & then the Dallas vampires come to kill everyone & then out of nowhere Godric comes & stops it all .. THE MOST HISTORIC SCENE EVERRR!

& his words are ever so historic!

Firstly at 2:06 when Mr. Newlin says ‘Kill me, do it. Jesus will protect me.’                                                                Godric replies, ‘I am actually older than your Jesus, I wish I could’ve known him, but I missed it.’

Thise were awesome lines! I mean his expression, his voice, the notes .. amazing .. especially when he comes running to Mr. Newlin after that.

& then 2:40 Godric says, ‘People, go home. Its over now.’ & then at 3:00 continues, ‘I dare say, my faith in humankind is stronger than yours’ & drops Mr. Newlin down.

Anyway more, about Eric, there’s this one scene in Episode 10 where Sam comes to visit Eric with Arlene’s kids & this scene was AMAZINGG! Some of the main highlights of the scene were when Eric says, ‘They’re like humans but minature, teacup humans!’ HAHA that was awesome .. & then when he’s leaving the bar he laughs at something Pam says [she’s my favorite too] & then when he FLIES! HE FRKKN FLEW!

The first scene with Eric’s appearance was in Fangtasia & he didn’t seem like a hottie back then nor did he seem like a potential main character until later,


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