The Day The City Saw Red.

I was randomly going through the web & I saw this news piece about the Red Mist that is gripping Sydney about a week ago. Australians woke to red, apocalyptic skies yesterday after a huge Outback dust storm swept across the east of the country, leaving Sydney shrouded in a thick cloud.

Now, dust storms are not unusual, especially in a place like Australia that has a large dusty Outback, but what is really ‘mystifying’ is how so much red dust could travel all the way from the its origin to Sydney, considering the distance is almost 7,000,000 squared km.

Not only that, the intensity of the dust storm was very overwhelming – at one point it had gotten so thick, the sky  had turned dark within minutes.

However, the dust cleared within hours but its been said that it could be moving towards New Zealand since thats where the wind is blowing to next.


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