True Blood. & Anne Bronte. Not to mention Twilight. II

Well here I am again discussing True Blood & Twilight. There won’t be any Anne Bronte here though – I just copied this heading from my last post since I wanted to keep it. ^_^

Well firstly, I started reading the ‘Southern Vampire Mysteries’ by C. Harris since True Blood’s season 3 isn’t coming out till next yearr & its veryyy enthralling – just like Twilight though Twilight still had a much stronger impact on me.

Well firstly I noticed ALOT of changes between ‘Southern Vampire Mysteries’ & True Blood;

First off, there is no Tara Thorton in the 1st book – at all. I mean she’s shown to be Sookie’s bestfriend since the beginning in True Blood.

Secondly, Rene is shown to be a childhood friend of Sookie’s brother Jason, & that everyone already knew he was faking his Cajun accent. Also in the book, he was already married to Arlene once before [he was her 2nd husband] & that everyone knew about his sister Cindy, though they didn’t know he had killed her, after he had given his sister an ultimatum – forget the vampire she was dating or he would do something bad to her, which she denies. Apart from that, he doesn’t die at the end of the book, he just becomes a little delusional & starts blabbing about everyone he has killed. Oh & Bill isn’t around to protect her when she’s being hunted by Rene.

However, in the series ‘True Blood’, he is introduced as Arlene’s boyfriend, that they’ve never met before, everyone thinks he’s Cajun, nobody knows where he came from exactly & he killed his sister right after he found out she was dating a vampire. Also, Bill was around to protect Sookie when she was being hunted by Rene & she kills him.

Also, in the second book ‘Living Dead in Dallas’ – the person discovered dead in Andy Bellfleur’s car is Lafayette,  not Miss Jeanette. Also, the Maenad appears out of nowhere to Sookie when she’s in the woods & introduces herself as a Maenad & rips up her back & tells her that this is her ‘message to Eric Northman’ instead of Sam Merlotte, unlike in the TV series where her real identity was a secret & she was actually after Sam, she didn’t even care about Eric.

Then instead of Godric ♥ being Eric’s maker & instead of being a ‘nice guy’ – he’s just plain suicidal. & He’s not the one kidnapped – he’s the one who helps kidnap another vampire for The Fellowship of the Sun. Because he wants someone to die with him. HE ISN’T EVEN THE SHERIFF OF AREA 9! INSTEAD, YOU MEET SOME SHERIFF OF AREA 6 – A RANDOM VAMPIRE CALLED ALAN! Furthermore, he’s shown to be a child killer & pedophile [which I am adamant on not believing]

Also, Lafayette never attended some weird sex orgy party [infact he tried to keep away from it] in the series. Tara wasn’t his cousin in the books & infact she had her own shop called ‘Tara’s Togs’ & so the whole ‘Tara+Maenad’ storyline never happened.

Jason Stackhouse was never visited by a FOTS priest when he was in jail so he never joined their church & so he never had a fling with the Reverend’s wife.

Also, Eric never comes to Dallas so Sookie is saved by another shape shifter like Sam [Luna] & she also has an encounter with werewolves.

Then, in the TV series, since Godric was the sheriff of area 5, he forgives Hugo for betraying them to the Fellowship. But stupid geeky Alan imprisons Hugo & his vampire girlfriend for a few months.

There is no Daphne, Jessica, Loraine, or the Queen in this book. But they are all seen in the TV series. Also, the Maenad doesn’t pose a threat to anyone, infact she didn’t even kill Lafayette though she has been hosting the sex orgy parties.

Ahhh, thats almost about all the differences between True Blood & the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries.


But before that, lets hear it once more for Godric!


Godric - before & after.

After the explosion.

After the explosion.

Saving Sookie.

Saving Sookie.

Before dying.

Before dying.

Goodbye Godric. You will always be the only Sheriff of Area 5.

Goodbye Godric. You will always be the only Sheriff of Area 9.


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