True Blood. & Anne Bronte. Not to mention Twilight. III

Now, since I have already marked the main similarities between Twilight & True Blood in my first post, I wanna talk about the remaining few that I found while reading the books.

1] Both Bella & Sookie end up at the hospital at the end of the first book. Also, they both faint while they’re ‘fighting’ their enemies.

2] Sookie’s grandmother, Adele Stackhouse was a ‘Hale’ before marrying Sookie’s grandfather. Rosalie is a ‘Hale’ too.

3] There is some kinda sexual tension between Sookie & Sam just like Bella & Jacob. [Note : both Jacob & Sam are shape shifters]

4] Bill is the first person Sookie sleeps with while she’s human, though Bill already had kids when he was human. Edward is the first guy Bella sleeps with, though its not clear if Edward ever slept with anyone else.

5] Just like in Twilight, each vampire in True Blood can have a ‘special’ power manifested in themselves [Eric can fly, Stan can deliver his messages without speaking to the person]

6] This is a small detail, but when Sookie comes to Bill’s house the first time, she is met by 3 other vampires Diane, a black woman, Malcolm a thin vampire & Liam, a bald vampire. Notice the ratio of 1:2 in the coven – one girl &  2 guys & the fact that there is one black person & 2 whites. Just like in Twilight where there are 3 vampires in a coven – Victoria, James & Laurent – Laurent is black while the other 2 are white. & both wanna taste the lead character, Sookie & Bella respectively. Also, they don’t wanna mainstream like the Cullens & Bill – they wanna move around.

7] In one of her first encounter’s with Bill, Sookie saves Bill from 2 drainers just like Edward saves Bella from a group of guys who want to rape her.

8] Just like Edward wasn’t supposed to talk infront of Aro unless he was allowed to or summoned, Bill couldn’t do the same infront of Eric – & both Aro & Eric wanted the lead charcters. Though Eric is much hotter.

This is more like an imcomplete post so I’ll be adding new points here every now & then. x


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