Swat Kats, Captain Planet & Thunder Cats – Lets hear it for the 90’s!

About a week ago my friend & I were discussing Cartoon Network of the 90’s .. before it was full of ‘George of the Jungle’, ‘My Spy Family’, ‘Out of Jimmy’s head’ etc .. & we discussed our favorite cartoons from that era.

As far as I remember my childhood, I remember ALOT of the cartoons I watched, I think my most favorite was ‘Pokemon’ [which I now think is utter bull, seriously, how could someone let their children off alone to search for strange animals?] but even before that I was a VERY BIG FAN of Captain Planet.

For all those who aren’t familiar with Captain Planet, its mostly based on saving the world, & this cartoon took a more nature based approach. It starts out with a being called Gaia, who appoints 5 people with 5 different rings,

1. Wheeler, who’s from the USA, he controls the element of Fire.

2. Linka, she’s from Russia & she controls the Wind.

3. Kwame, he’s African & he controls Earth [as in soil].

4. Gi, she’s Asian & she controls Water.

5. Finally is Ma-ti, he is the youngest & controls the Heart. He is an Red Indian.

When all 5 powers combine, they bring Captain Planet to life, he’s basically a superhero with all those amazing powers & his main line is “By your powers combined – I am Captain Planet!”

Haha anyway, for more info you can check out http://www.turner.com/planet/static/heroonly.html

I mostly enjoyed pretending I was one of them, & I remember how desperately I wanted Wheeler & Linka to get together, it was so apparent they liked one another. =D

Episode 1

Then there was Swat Kats! I absolutely loved that show! Its based in a ‘cat’ world where everything is done by cats except they act human & everything.

The main show revolves around 2 cats who happened to be part of their city’s law enforcement group but were kicked out cause’ they didn’t follow their commander’s orders [which was a stupid order] & were kicked out & punished by making them work at some dump. Lucky for these 2, one of the cats happens to be a mechanical genius while the other just plain loves to fly; so they make a plane and a bunch of other vehicles & they patrol the city & protect it – hence SWAT KATS.

Chance Furlong [T-Bone] is the larger one out of the 2 & seems to have a soft protective side. While Jake Clawson [Razor] is smaller but the ‘mech genius’ – both are pretty much awesome. ^_^

This is the first episode,

Then we had Thunder Cats, & it was existing way before the 90’s .. more like 1988 though my mum tells me my aunts liked to watch it when they were younger. Haha anyway, I don’t remember much, but I do remember that they were aliens, & they had to protect this jewel called the Eye of Thundera from this mummy zombie man. & that there were 2 twin cat aliens really young & that the leader of the group was hot. xP

Also then I remember Silver Hawks from 1998/1999 though it predated it by a decade, anyhow the themes in the 90’s/80’s were amazingg!

What I remember from this series was this ugly villain who used to scare the crap out of me, the electric guitar playing guy who used to quiz this young kid about the space [indirectly quizzing the viewer too] & ofcourse the theme song;

Then there were the Animaniacs, though they completely differed from the stories like the ones mentioned above, I liked this show alot mainly cause’ of the youngest guy’s accent Wakko! [the guy with the cap] ❤

Haha they featured Pinky & the Brain & Dot’s Pet & this chicken that was supposed to be cool. 0_o

& ofcourse who can forget The Mask? xD


The namesof the cartoons I haven’t mentioned, such as,

Johnny Bravo, Power Puff Girls, Dexter’s Lab, Scooby Doo – there isn’t any need to pay homage to them – these cartoons are still alive & well thanks to those cheap channels who have bought them. xD


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