Weekendd. ♥

Oh God, I haven’t written in my blog for a whole week!

Well, it isn’t actually my fault, my mum too- I mean I gave my mum my laptop over the weekdays so I can study [I will get back to that laterrr] so I have to fill in everything that has happened in the past few days here,

Firstly it was my birthdayyy last week on the 8th of October & I’ve finally turned 15 .. & I was sad, REALLY sad because I realized I haven’t achieved anything in my last 15 years, I felt like a failure & that depressed me alot.

So before the 8th I was planning to call over my remaining 2 friends over for a little get togetherr, but when I finally did turn 15, I was just to depressed to invite them overr, & was planning on reading the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries until I felt sleepy.

So anyway I had just taken a showerr when the doorbell rang & I don’t usually open the door & weird thing was, NO ONE WAS OPENING IT! So finally after alot of yelling my brother opened it & Hera came running in with a cake! I was like OMGG OMG I KNEW IT! I KNEW YOU’D DO SOMETHING [though I actually didn’t cause’ well I thought she was going to some party]

Anyhow so she made me change into my other clothes but Nafia wasn’t able to come though. Well after that Hera & I had a very quiet day but I was very glad she came, I wasn’t depressed cause’ she went through all that trouble just for me! =D

Well then on the 11th, we went to our new school, Paki school since we had decided to do FSc, so I finally wore my white kameez shalwar uniform & dupatta & Hera picked me up.

Okay Paki school isn’t THAT bad for one, it has really good classrooms & the girls weren’t all bitchy & ugly. Also the books didn’t look that bad the 1st day. We missed our first class cause we had to sit downstairs since we were still being admitted. We finally met our principal/Physics teacher & she told us that we HAVE to give our exams in 2 weeks or else we have to wait a whole yearr.

We didn’t think much of it till the next day;

On the 2nd day, Hera & I discussed ourr classes & we came to the decision that we wanted to give A Levels instead .. FSc proved to be much more twisted than we thought. The teachers just couldn’t teach us, either they mumbled or they used such poor grammar that it made no sense.

The 3rd was the worst cause’ I was just sick of that school now, I felt I was locked in an Asylum & it wasn’t funny, it was depressing. & then we had 3 more extra subjects that we didn’t need in everyday life. I felt like I was wasting my time there & tried talking to my parents about it but they said I needed to give it more time.

By nighttime, Hera called & told me it was her last day tomorrow at paki school which pretty much meant I was not going to school alone so as it happened, this Wednesday was my last day there & I was soo relieved!

So this Saturday is going to be my first day in my old school again! =D

Also, finally last night I did one of the things I was trying to achieve since the past 4 months – stay awake for 24 hours! It wasn’t that bad but I was just cranky by the endd.

Then there was this party on Thursday but I wasn’t able to – but I heard it was really awesome! =]

Anyhow, I’ll post a couple of pictures as soon as I get them from Hera. ^_^ x


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