Another Weekend Gone. =\

Okay since last week alot of new stuff has happened,

for instance,

I joined Asia again! It was amazing to see EVERYONE again! I mean Niyat, Mirna, Randa, Radwa & Sarah & like a million other people! I mean Hera & I were hugged to death by everyone else & we LOVED it! It was such a loveable welcome & it felt like we finally came home!

We met all the teachers & talked to them & gosh, it was unbelievable!

As it turns out, we have to give our AS exams this May/June instead of the Oct/Nov session since we wont have the lab during that time ..  so we’ll be working harderrrr.

Also we got new teachers [just Mrs. Asifa actually, she’s our Biology teacher & she’s amazing!] & Mrs. Sadia is back! We don’t have Mrs. Huma which is sad, but we have Mrs. Maria & we’re still waiting for a biology teacherrr.

& we finally got to use a microscope for the first time! We tried out a lot of new slides & stuff so it was funn .. still waiting for those extra classes to see them again!



I had been DYING for a new haircut since the past 4 months, well not really but it had really gone weird since July & I was really waiting for oneee.

So last Tuesday I was begging my parents to take me for a haircut but NOOO! They were either too busy or they just didn’t want to, so finally after A LOT of persuasion & bitter words spoken I finally went & got this AMAZING haircutt – amazing you wonder? Yes. It was amazing cause’ it was a relief compared to the thin flailing split ended mess of a hair I had & this new haircut was short! I mean like maybe a little longer than my neck but thats it!

& I got a fringe! Like an actual fringe! That barely covers my eye! & I GOT MY EYEBROWS DONE! They look amazing!

Oh & there was this party in school that I skipped cause’ I just thought it was gonna be boring, cause’ everyday in our school is like a party considering the endless free classes we have. xP

Anyhow that night, I had to go to my mate, Nafia’s partyyy, so I wore this kameez shalwar that I haven’t worn in ages & it looked great! I wish I had taken pictures but I was too tired anyhow.

So I got back at about 2 in the morning & I slepttt & woke up at 11 a.m the next dayy,

Then I went to Hera’s house the next day to study [though we ended up doing nothing except stalking people] & well we studied a little though, I completed a chapter!

Friday was AMAZING too! I skyped with Hira Salman & I saw her after AGES! She looked amazingg mA! Missed her so much!

Well I finally finished Biology & was starting with Chemistry today , its actually kinda cool how I’m in touch with all my subjects!

Oh & today was so cool! We made our own slides! Like okay we made one from the inner epithelium cells of an onion [plant cells] & one from the inner epithelium cells of our cheek [animal cells] & it was fun!

For the animal cell we had to rub this cotton bud in the inside of our mouth & rub it onto a glass slide, wash it with alcohol [through which I found out that the clinic has shifted to the boys side & its former room is all empty =D] & then dye it with METHYLENE BLUE!

Plant cell was pretty much the same except instead of the alcohol, iodine was used to stain it & to purify it.

Both were amazing though the plant cells came out betterrrr. xD



Oh & Hira Salman made this specially for me! It made me miss her SOOOOO MUCH!




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