A Levels is an intruiging torture [& other stories]

I’ll start this post off by saying – this week has been hectic!

Infact, I don’t know how many weeks have passed by! 1? 2? But all I know its been pretty hectic – lets start off by the fact that I went to Riyadh – AGAIN. Okay I shouldn’t be complaining but f***, its been so annoying! 5 hour drive from one city to the other & its not like we’re gonna go shopping eitherr.

We went there for ‘condolence’ which is an overstatement considering that within 10 minutes of our arrival there, everyone had moved on from the deceased’s memories & BAM! They started making plans for BBQ’s & whatnot! We stayed there for 3 days in which I got worried over my university stuff, cause’ I had no idea how bloody expensive Agha Khan Medical University was.

Anyway, so I came backk & went to school finally & talked stuff out with my parents. about the university stuff & everything related to it.

Also, we finally found out that we’ll be getting a new Physics teacher tomorrow [more on that laterr]

So we have had Chemistry practicals! We’ve been doing the rates of concentration on an experiment & I just loove it! We just prepared Sulphur & OMG it smells nastyy. I mean its like gun powder but worse on so many different levels. =S

& we’ve been practicing the English A Level paper 1 – love & loathe it at the same time. It takes too friggen long & its so interesting. -_-

& the lamest thing was, this girl in class couldn’t believe I wrote it down AND proceeded to doubt my superior intellect. Psh.

Ahhh! & I finally met Mariiam & Nafia! [Separate occasions]

& Mariiam looks so amazing! Like totally awesome & stuff – & god, I didn’t realize how much I had missed her presence! Too bad we had to leave an our early – we had so much to do still .. & I doubt we’ll meet again – both mine, & Hera’s parents have a problem with driving. =[

& I’ve been having so many problems with my parents! They always pick a fight with me! I admit I’ve been aggressive lately but its only because I have my own problems! & THEY TOOK AWAY MY LAPTOP!

Anyhow, I met Nafia! At azk’s house & omg it was gooood! We had loads to talk about! Well, yehh I’m exaggerating but yehh we had stuff to discuss!

Anyhow yesterday was also my brother’s birthdayyy. & I think he turned 12 years old now. Blah.

& I took a holiday from school today so gonna go again tomorroww. x



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