Movies I am Currently Waiting For.

01.  ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife – This movie totally captivated me ever since I saw the trailers earlier this year. Its got Eric Bana & Rachael McAdams, & both actors are ones I really wanna see on screen together! Also, the story is just amazing. I can’t wait to read it. Its the type that would totally stay in your head cause’ of all the twists in the midst.

02. Season of the Witch – I’ve always been a little obsessed with the Salem Witch Trails & those women who were captured in the middle ages & accused of practicing witchcraft. So here’s a movie that covers a little part of that AND has Nicolas Cage. The trailer doesn’t tell much, but its definitely horror & something I’d like to watch!

03. A Nightmare on Elm Street – Why wouldn’t I watch a movie with Kellan Lutz in it?! Also, I always wanted to watch the first installments of the series but never got the chance – so better late than never!

04. How to train your Dragon – This movie looked totally cute! Its based on a book as well, & its animated! Its just like Eragon except its not that serious & its set in the viking era. & the main dragon, Toothless is totally cute & he’s a black dragon!

05. The Tooth Fairy – this movie’s got Dwayne Johnson! I lovved him in Game Plan & can’t wait to see him dressed as a faerie!

06. New Moon – After the disastrous filming of Twilight I’m really looking forward to watching New Moon – all the trailers look fine & Chris Weitz looks like he did an amazing  job.

07. Iron Man 2 – After making me fall for his amazinggg voicee & demeanor & the character he played, Robert Downey Jr. made me put Iron Man in my top 10 favorite comic book protagonist/antagonists of all time [Heath Ledger topping the list after playing The Joker] .. & noww there’s part 2 to continue making what I like to see. =P

08. The Other Side of Innocence – Remember that kid from Stuart Little? OMG – he’s become sooo hott! They haven’t put out a trailer yet but he looks incredibly hot!

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