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So last week I went to Madinah, a 14 hours long drive EXCLUDING the numerous stops that we took.  Even though the drive was absolutely worth it, the long drive was the worst thing possible since none of us took the official 8 hours sleep that all of us deserve [though I was able to sneak in a couple of naps in the midst] – but at the end the home made biryani my mum had made for the trip had never tasted more heavenly even though it was cold, & the empty plates were flying about [it was extremely windy].

First twilight on the road.

Excuse the crappy ‘excuse for quality’ camera I was using, the actual one didn’t have any space left. -_-

The sun finally shows up.

The sun finally shows up.

However it still had space for a couple of more pictures, so I chose carefully. xP

A much better view, through a much better camera.

This picture was a definite keeperr. ❤

I think I dosed off for a while then cause’ when I woke up, we had reached this certain point on our destination ;

Remember this from an earlier post?

At almost 8 a.m or something, we reached this out of the way ‘motel’ [if thats what you would call it] & stopped  for a while to have breakfast, or brunch or something.  Did I mention we were travelling with another family too? Anyway, so that aunty made this dish called ‘Chicken 65’. The reason why I mention this is BECAUSE of its significant impact on Hera  & I about 6 years ago. Yep, It was literally the butt for all our 4th grade food jokes. & then lying on the ground a little far away from me was this little ‘phanka’ which was only as big as my hand! Oh god, it totally reminded me of those humid ridden, excess sweating, cloth sticking, light disappearing days in Pakistan where without a much larger version of this manual ‘phanka’ we would all have passed out.

Reminiscence of homeee!

We reached Riyadh after about 5 hours from Dammam, & continued without stopping. OMG it was so cold .. & the weather just got worse as we moved on. This picture was taken at about 10:22 a.m.

This was the long dusty drive to Madinah after Riyadh.

On the way, we saw this seriously horrific accident. First we just saw a bloody body on a stretcher, but as we moved forward, the sight was just gut wrenching. One of the bodies was stuck right on top of the metal net barrier. & needless to say the person was already dead. & the car was completely totaled. It was upside down & the ‘bottom’ was completely weighed down. the windows were broken & their luggage was strewn all across the area. Another body was buried under a pile of clothes, also dead. Out of 4 people, only 1 person remained alive who was taken to the hospital on another stretcher [the first one was dead too], though considering how far the nearest hospital would be, he might be dead too. What was really sad was that they too were on their way, & they must have packed their stuff just like us, but unlike us they had died without even slightest notion. Some might have been asleep in the backseat. That totally shook all of us up, seeing death so close. To take my mind off things, I just started taking pictures & droned out. Well further ahead there was this narrow path or something, & the walls looked so old & crumbly I just had to take a picture!

This is what the walls looked like in between.

Randomness should be included.

Then while we were stopped by some traffic police people, I snuck in some totally random pictures of this. I still wonder WHAT was the use of putting up these objects here.

Gigantic Meaningless Object #1

Gigantic Meaningless Object #2

Seriously, there’s a TEAPOT in the middle of the road. & its just there. Doing nothing. Anyhow, I think I slept again, because when I woke up – THIS is what I saw out of my window. Or the front window.

& now it started getting foggy.

& then it started raining  HAILSTONES! XD

Melting Snow.

& the wind was practically biting! I mean it was so cold & we were totally freezing & you couldn’t see ANYTHING about 2 feet ahead.

View #2

As you can see, the whole thing was melted ICE! Anyway so we finally reached the Harem & OMG I seriously have NEVERR felt so peaceful .. the place was half empty at that moment & the quietness was breathtakingly refreshing.

So very peaceful.

You see those pillar like structures symmetrically aligned infront? Those are actually HUGE umbrella roof things! I mean whenever its too hot, or if its raining they open these fold-able roofs & it acts as a temporary roof for the time being.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see them open this time, but my mum did.

& right behind them you can see Masijd-ul-Nabvi’s Minaret! Wasn’t able to go inside either but I did catch a glimpse of the inside, wish I could’ve gone in. =[

So that was the end of the first day,

On the second day it was Eid & so everyone [including me] left for the morning Eid Prayers & Fajr Namaz. Since I was stuck outside again & by god, I was so uncomfortable outside cause’ I was wearing Kameez Shalwar, my feet & hands were insanely cold AND the women around me weren’t helping at all. The way they had dressed up, they looked less holy & more like they were going to a party – they wore BRIGHT red blush, blue eye shadows & had blonde hair I kid you not. I would take a picture but I thought it would be giving them too much attention. -_-

Anyhow, this is the after math of the scene, when things were clearing up.

The picture speaks for itself.

Anyway I slept this whole day cause I had nothing to do & when I did wake up I studied Chemistry or Biology which made me feel even sleepier.

The last day was the best!

We went sight seeing though I didn’t take any picture properly.

Though I did take pictures of Mount Ohud!

Picture #1

Picture #2

The walls at the bottom left corner are actually the graveyard were the prophet & the remaining survivors buried the martyrs from the warrr. I didn’t take a picture cause’ I felt like it was a wrong cause’ they’re well dead. 0_o

I have no idea where this is.

Anyway so we went to many different places, & came back before Magrib & then woke at 4 a.m & drove back heree. =D

I was so excited to finally get back!


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