New Year, Exams, Proms & Mark Hoppus. <3

Okay I haven’t updated in quite some time , so firstlyy we found out we’re gonna have an actual prom this yearr – like around April & we’re all pretty excited !

We even decided to pick out a dress but laterr on that , mainly; I was chosen to help out for the prom – raising money, arranging stuff, along with like 5 other people. =P

Which brings me to the first bake sale that we held a few weeks ago, & it was totally successful. I baked like 187 cupcakes, & the other guys & girls got the rest of stuff – hotdogs, donuts, cakes, brownies & we were sold out in 20 minutes! & we made like ALOOOT of moneyy – we made 1800 SR & then for some unknown reason the Principal felt really happy I guess so he gave us an extra 500 [& Mrs. Yasmeen looked all upset about it for some reason 😎 ]

The money !

Anyway then we were supposed to raise money from face painting, but that backfired really badly. Like we never got around to raise money & instead ended up doing it for free – we ended up painting flags & butterflies on like a 100 pre school kids who were scared & shaking – not good. We could’ve made like 200 SR atleast but I guess this counts as charity. xP

Oh that day, the Paki Ambassador showed up too, & okay the welcoming was pretty good EXCEPT he looked really bored & he was smiling politely cause’ he had to stand for 20 minutes waiting for it to endd. & they booed him later but thats besides the point. 😎

Anyway then we finally transcended into the new year , the BIG 2010 .. Not that big a deal except only 5 months till my board exams. =S

Oh oh I also got my registration form today, the school’s charging an extra 50 riyals per subject ! I mean its crazy! It just makes me wonder how I’m gonna afford my Medical stuff. Expensive times.

Anyway, I had a great exam today, we had Englishh, & ohmygosshhhh May 2009 was the best ! I got to write about conspiracy theories, & a story called ‘The Invasion’ – pretty cool !

& the biology paper was pretty cool too, except the teacher was TOTALLY unreasonable & made me sit back for 2 whole hours. -_-

Anyway this is what Mark Hoppus posted at the beginning of a great era & the end of the last one.


Oh I never put up the dress I’ve decided to buy, well, its not AWESOME but it’ll work for me. Though I’m not too sure about it.

If only I could squeeze in. *whistful*


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