Exams & the unruly outcome.

Well I had exams a couple of weeks ago – they weren’t bad, though it would be more appropriate to call them a sort of a haze. They went as quickly as they came.

Weirdest part though, I had pretty much studied everything in them long before & only had to revise – for the first EVER time.

Anyway well I gave 4 exams that week,

Biology, Chemistry, Physics & English..

The papers weren’t too bad, Biology was dead easy, Chemistry was fine, Physics was a haze in its truest form & English was just .. English you know?

Anyway so my result came outt & ;

Biology – A*

English – B+

Chemistry – 78

Physics – A

Yehh this is like the first time I actually got an A, an A* & a B in ONE result together. So I was shocked, but not too surprised since I already knew the teachers wouldn’t be strict in checking this time, but this was a victory – even if it was small.

& what do my parents do in return?

They ban me from using the laptop & tell me ‘school exams don’t count’.

Well no shit Sherlock ! Ofcourse they don’t count – they were mere proof that I AM capable !

Anyhowww, I’m still partially grounded thoughh I can get away with stuff. xD


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