Time Flies?

Okay yes, I’ve pretty much neglected writing here for like a month [?!] & it pretty much sucks cause’ I don’t want to be one of those people who get too busy to stop filling up posts about stuff ..

Anyway, for the past month, I’d been awaiting for something to finally hit me & make me say ‘this is exactly what I’d been looking for to write!’ considering its my 100th post. Finally.

I’d opened & closed several new posts, that I never got around to publish, some just empty titles, while others were nameless posts awaiting to be finished.

I really don’t have much going on, nothing that I feel is really up to par – I just gave my mock exams as if they really matter.

I’m bored.

& boredom is a solemn state on its own, its like your own little island where you get stranded when you’re not really looking where you’re headed, but its a place where people spend half of their lives.

Boredom ironically is counter productive, cause’ it apparently made me want to run away from all that nothingness it holds & make me want to break the cycle because; lets face it, we just can’t seem to be ‘okay’ with boredom cause’ then boredom wouldn’t really live up to its appellation & hence just become a paradox of itself.

Hence boredom is also that ‘thinking’ chair we all need everyday. Sure, we heard & saw it on Blue’s Clues everyday as Steve used to finally solve the questions of his apparent everyday life, but that wasn’t real. It never could be so.

That just goes to show that our culture doesn’t get smarter, it just finds new ways to get retarded, but why am I putting all this sentimental bullshit & pretending I actually have something to write in mind ?

Ahh screw it.

I have a life? I’d beg to differ. I’m drowning in self despair & there’s nothing anyone can do to save me for the whole of the next month.

Maybe later?


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