Well, I just want to break you down so badly. </3

. I slept at 2:30 a.m last night.

. My first thought today was Kirchoff’s second law & how it can be used to find the formula for resistors in series.

. Yes, my mind is so full of Physics that if it were a Piniata, I would be full of equations & formulae.

. Shh .. I’m supposed to be asleeep.

. ‘Mariyam’ hasn’t been defined yet by Urbandictionary.com

. However ‘Marium’ is defined as;

“most beautiful Afghan in da world (westside of course) who i might add did not go 2 da prom with Manir ( heart breaker)

maz u no i luv u”

. 0_O

. I have no idea what that was.

. I’m going to sleep. x


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