Oh insanity, where are thou?

I must be going insane here to actually be so insightful at the moment. Simple things seem to be holding double meanings behind each effort, each thought etched behind a hidden wall.

Like when you make a simple phone call for example & no one answers; & all you can hear is the mindless hum of the ring, going on, almost like a desperate plea for some reassurance that someone, anyone would answer. It is like life; meaningless and wanting to prove that it has something more to prove while in reality, we all die in the same pitiful way coming full circle with the bitterly plain & simple abstraction that life is.

Finally as you cut the line, the rings die now droning on with no stops barred – like how hope is lost forever silent, and there is no waking up from death’s cold inviting arms.

Its scary to know how simply life & death go together & how they can be seen in almost any instant – an answered phone is not the first to resurrect the image as such.

A more morbid panorama would life and death itself taking place side by side; a mother dying whilst giving birth or seeing a fellow solider being taken in for recovery while you’re left behind to fend for yourself in the last moments.

People say that death is not something to be scared of, but those who are about to finally leave their entity behind would beg to differ. Forget religion, Forget worldly affairs; the thought of never waking up & lulling our self into a false sense of security & hope that tomorrow would be a new day would leave us utterly catatonic if we ever completely submerge our mind into it.

Back to the phone call, the mindless hum can almost sound insane to us, like it is our inner demon, taunting us, mocking us for holding on for so long. & the sad truth is, that we just don’t know. We think that we’re different from everyone else but sadly, we are just like everyone else -purposeless to the very core.

& what keeps us going still even after we digest the idea of simplicity ?


One word that can change the outcome of reality, can defy the laws of human nature. Hope can make us in-vision things that we think we have another chance at, but its just another possibility, another ‘happier’ ending. &  at the end of hope? its just death. Simply black & white.


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