There’s A Silent Urge To Leave This Cloud When All I Want is To Hear The sound Of Your Voice; Devoid Of The Constant Noise, The Only Sound To Fill This Void.

Okay so I’ve started listening to this new band called ‘Dead Poetic’ who are just plain amazing !

Apparently they’re a hardcore Christian rock band who’re on an indefinite hiatus but the stuff they’ve written is just frkkn overwhelming !

With songs like ‘New Medicine’, ‘Glass in the Trees’, ‘Modern Morbid Prophecies’ & ‘Paralysis’ they’re pretty much what I’d been looking for.

Words cannot describe their awesomeness. xD

Okay right now I’m obsessed with Paralysis which had something that reminded me of the Deftones – specifically ‘Digital Bath’; turns out it had Chino Moreno on the  guest vocals, which was just mind blowing cause’ the song is just perfect !

Anyway also, Brandon Pike, vocalist of Dead Poetic has his own line of graphic designs called ‘Dark Collar‘  & omg the stuff is amazing !

I so want all this !

You can hear Chino in his usual whisper voice during the bridge. </3


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