Life lessons through a torn page in a magazine.

Why do I feel so guilty for judging a metaphorical book by its cover even though I know that I’m still human & make mistakes? Is it really that hard to get over it? Or would that make me totally heinous?

Oh double standards.

Always creating unrealistic scenarios of future outcomes to scare the living daylights out of us & push us into cowering oblivion. We just end up doing what we think is right, but clearly, every story has two folds to it.

It reminds me of this story I read when I was a kid, it got stuck in my mind cause’ the current society made sure they wouldn’t let me forget.

“To Make  People Stop Talking”

One day, Hodja and his son went on a journey.  Hodja let his son ride the donkey while he walked.  Along the way, they passed some people who said, ‘Look at that healthy young boy on the donkey!’

The boy then let his father ride while he walked.  Hodja rode and the boy walked by his side.  Soon they met another group.

‘Look at that!  Poor little boy has to walk while his father rides the donkey.’  This time, Hodja climbed onto the donkey behind his son.  Soon they met another group, who said, ‘Look at that poor donkey!  He has to carry the weight of two people.’

Hodja then told his son. ‘The best thing is for us to walk and lead the donkey.  Then no one can complain.’ So, they continued their journey on foot. Again, they met some others who said: ‘Just take a look at those fools.  Both of them are walking under this hot sun and neither of them is riding the donkey.’

In exasperation, Hodja lifted the donkey onto his shoulders and said, ‘Come on, if we don’t do this, it will be impossible to make people stop talking.

See what I mean?

We let other people’s views overrule our own perceptions – when thats not the case, we usually try to inflict our thoughts & control the other person’s choice of matter. Thats just how the cycle works. We speak out & expect people to agree with us, cause’ if they don’t, we automatically conclude that they’re right & we obviously must have made some mistake in judgement.That or our ego forces us to believe our thoughts must obviously be superior to them. Very rarely does our inner conscious save us from all that internal drama & make us reflect on the choices that led us there.

We’re taught to learn from other people’s mistakes but no one warns us that without making mistakes ourselves, we’re just becoming bionic copies of the same person; making no mistakes just makes us cowardly & a little bit too cautious than we normally would’ve been.

Society is dictated by whoever seems to be the most influential, & they certainly know how to play the right words get us believing & hence we end up being carbon copies of what is called the ‘role model’ of today.

‘Believing. Another two folded system on its own but so interrelated with double standards that those 2 often coexist with one another. Life & death, day & night, belief & double standards, [or rather perception more likely] are like constructive interferences [pardon my scientifical imagery], each enhances the output of the 2 combined.

Inspiration is another concept that leads to our decisions. We get ‘inspired’ by something or someone & take their ideas & mold them into our own. But ‘inspiration’ is just about the same as being ‘influenced’ & once again the cogs of the clockwork cycle turn creating yet another moment where we are cheated into thinking we have done something new while all we did was recycle old ideas & sell them as our own thus deceiving everyone in turn.


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