The reasons we all know, yet tend to ignore about Pakistan.

The sun always rises from the east & sets in the west lest we forget which seems to be happening a bit too often. This is not just some visual perception on the beauty of day & night, but an actual metaphor for how the rise of civilization started from the east & moved on towards the west.

Still it’s shocking to know that most people in Pakistan ‘forget’ this & instead of reflecting on the lustrous past of us Muslims, tend to move towards the future – the present is just something that they have to deal with.

While it is true that we live in the worst possible conditions & that poorest of the poor die without any remorse being thrown their way, they are not the ones complaining about how life treated them. It is sad to know that the whiners are those who seem to afford good food, good clothes & a strong roof on their heads. Human nature proceeds to guide us & ask for something more, but it also tries to teach us the consequences of what we are asking for. ‘Be careful what you wish for’, because a wrongful wish can lead to disastrous consequences.

It is one thing to appreciate the wonders of the current world, but something entirely different to actually compare ourselves with the life & times of the current western civilization. & I’m not going to deny it. I’m not blind to not look over at the achievements of our counterparts & pretend they haven’t done attained anything. But remember one thing – they achieved something because they had the help to do so.

After the countless times those 4th grade teachers bent down by our desks – or rather, sat down with us on the ground as it is in many of our cases; & repeatedly explained how Pakistan came into being or when it did – I wonder how one can forget so easily about his own country’s roots & instead of awing at its ability to stand up for itself at times like these, look at how badly it does what it can.

It is almost like heckling a 6 month old baby; saying that it cannot run like the others around it can, like forgetting how one must learn how to crawl before it can walk, & walk before it can run.

Let me refresh that memory of yours.

Pakistan came in to being on the 14th of August 1947.

If we count the number of years it has been in existence to date, it’s roughly about 63 years.

Just 63.

That’s the average life span of an average human being. My own grandmother is currently outliving the country at the moment ironically.

63 is an important figure. In 63 years we have fought 2 wars, we have built universities, we developed an electric generator, & in 63 years we found items that we could export & in return we sold items that we imported. Also in 63 years we have had a government form from the very beginning. There has never been a communist out break or a revolt so big Pakistan would be off the map & you say times are bad?

Times are certainly not living up to the expectations we make after seeing the mindless drivel that is the television, but I wouldn’t say times are bad.

Coming back to the time line, let’s see how well the other countries did when they were 63.

Let’s start with the unofficial standard – America. It was formed on the 4th of July 1776. That is about 234 years ago.

In its first 60 years, America had also fought wars; they had laid down railway tracks & also found gold within their mountains.

For those who know American history, you must remember that Christopher Columbus set out on the sea looking for India & chanced upon the land that we now know as America. After that the Queen of England sent people there because it was discovered that spices & tobacco were abundant there. I hope you realize at this point that America already had ways of getting rich faster than Pakistan had.

Also, it had the upper hand.

The Queen of England hadn’t planned for America to form – & so she had sent many civilians there & of course a substantial amount of Military complete with proper equipment & everything that they needed.

America was safe from both the Military point of view and financial point of view.

So when they they revolted against the Queen they had nothing to lose.

We on the other hand did not have any military equipment, the land that we were given was 1/3 of India, & no compared to India, we did not have a good agricultural area.

Now if we take a look at India, it got its independence from the British in 1948. It already had the resources, the materials, the money & the weapons. It was for families like mine that had to leave behind their business, family, houses everything to help Pakistan bloom in the following years. Our ancestors died for us -& I’m not just talking about the Muhajirs. Without the division of India, Pakistan might’ve still been a Hindu state, with Muslim laws barred.

The existence of our country is not just something to forget, simply, our country is our own. & we should defend it. Standing up for the rights of the people who need them, standing up against people who disregard our religion & country & fighting on the enemy lines – patriotism runs in our blood.

Forget the news, forget the hard surroundings – be glad that you have a country that you can call your own, because if you didn’t – you wouldn’t exist.


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