Sigh, another year – & a whole new set of worries to take up my time. Weird days & amazing weekends, my summer has finally begun.

The thought of not giving exams for quite a while is both compelling & terrifying. Where as the idea that I truly am free for now is joyous, the very thought of seeing my final outcome makes me weak entirely. My future depends on it & knowing that I could’ve done a tad bit better saddens me – I really have let my self down, albeit doing better than last year. But then again, each new year brings in a whole new set of challenges & I find myself realizing that by the time I recover from the first tide, there’s more to come.

There are searches to be made, questions that are currently unanswered & I am at crossroads, not knowing which path to take. I am not the first, & feel like a rookie, though slightly comforted that my future may not be as dark as I see it myself.

I can’t decide what is worse, failing someone else, or failing myself. I think it would be the latter because ultimately, you always come to realize that it is your own fault. & thats exactly what hurts the most – you are your own enemy.


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