On the edge of a dream that you have; Has anybody ever told you it’s not coming true?

I’ve been under this strange state of mind since the past 2 days. It seems unexplainable but it all makes sense in my head. Human nature I suppose. Anyway I’ve been thinking about how .. defective [?!] my brain seems. I’m not like this – the confusion comes & goes about things I really don’t want to get, but not understanding who I am becoming is downright overwhelming.

The fact that I’m a teenager explains lots I suppose [very cliche? I know.] but there seems to be more to this than what I can see. I can feel it but can’t really make sense of it – my mind just frizzles in one place then.

I know its gonna be fine in a day or to, but it seems impossible that I won’t be haunted by the same thoughts again. Its just something that silently suffocates me – no joke. In a state like this, every tiny question, every tiny detail multiplies by a thousand, ultimately making me believe I’ve gone crazy. Because lets face it – its not normal.

Considering my double sided personality – one part of me calls the other pathetic for even making such a big deal about this. Even as I write this its silently cursing, promising me I’m gonna regret this sooner. But thats not what I’m listening to.

What I really need are a few answers – I’ve been comforted lots already so I know being a little crazy is not out of the ordinary. I just need someone to just sort it out for me & tell me WHY.

Sigh the problems really get to me eh?

When did that start happening?


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