Welcome to Paradise.

My mind should get its own identity, rather than use me as a vessel to let out its frustration. Clearly man is nothing without its mind; a drone to work towards the goals it sets for itself.

I sometimes wonder what people mean when they say they’ve lost their “true essence” along the time line – is what they’ve lost really truly what they were or was it just another layer – another casket to lie inside in? People have a hate/love relationship with changes; deep down we’re all pessimistic – we’d rather look at the negativities of one’s perception than be fooled to believe in the optimistic outcomes of life. Pessimism is also just a layer – & for some it is their true essence as they like to believe. It is a curtain of salvation, helping those deal with reality who cannot fathom the veracity of it all.

We are no different than Daphne from Roman lore – we adapt to changes to hide away from something we cannot deal with. Sometimes those changes can easily be shed off, or simply like in the Roman lore, we are bound to live with this new part of life until we are ready to adapt to something more fulfilling.

Humans are mediocre in nature, simply put, even after years of repeating the same thing over & over again, there will come a time when the same act feels strange & brings about insecurity – you feel like you don’t even know yourself anymore.


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