Facebook Ban : Facts vs. Fiction.

1. Facebook has 400 million users. Only 2 million are from Pakistan. That is only 0.5% of the total Facebook audience.

2. The Facebook Page that the Pakistan government banned had about 30,000 members 2 or 3 days before 20th May.

3. Is 30,000 a big number? It’s less than 0.01% of the total Facebook userbase. There are many pages in Pakistan which have more members e.g myoffstreet (127,000 members), Coke Studio (125,000 members), Nestle Fruita Vitals (69,500 members), EGO (50,000 members), Daaman (47,000 members) & HSY (42,000 members).

4. Does banning help? No. By banning Facebook, the Pakistan government helped to promote that Page. At 6:40pm on 20th May they had 80,000 members and growing. That page is now getting international media attention. Is that what we wanted?

5. Does pursuing the matter help? Not at all. We’re only going to make the creators of this Page more famous. By fighting them, we help their cause. They will probably end up with a book deal.

6. Have we really blocked Facebook? No. We have only blocked Pakistanis from using Facebook as a platform for communication. We’re not attacking Facebook, we’re attacking ourselves.


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