So Here We Are, Back To The Start Again.

I’m just desperate for reassurance that my life wasn’t spent in vain. I look up at other people & wonder why I can’t be more like them – there’s really no difference between them & I, just the simple fact that I have other priorities & they have different dreams. However its only this difference that sets us apart; I will spend my next 10 years achieving something else & be somewhere that they might never be & vice versa. You can’t expect to achieve everything in life, which is the worst part of life after all – there are no redo buttons or something that lets you start another life with no regrets, you just get one chance, an opportunity to do everything right – but we all just screw it up.

You only get to do ONE thing in this life time, & that one thing could be anything you could want to be. But you can’t expect to do everything together, even if you say that you’re good at 2 things, its obvious that you’re a little better in one of them than the other. Its just how life is. Most depressing of all this is that, even if you let go something thinking you’ll do it ‘later’ – that ‘later’ just never comes. You keep waiting & before you know it, you’re dead & thus you spent your whole life doing  just one thing.

Even if you think that people who keep changing their life decisions are exempted from this natural law, you’re wrong. Though they keep changing up their goals & choices, they keep doing it forever more. Thus they too spend their whole life trying to run away from the system just to find out that they’ve been making it the whole time.

There’s this saying that goes like; 

“Life’s too short, make the best of it”

Well, make the best of what? Life holds no meaning, its the things you do while you’re alive that make up your identity. Its true that life is short, how could it not be with you only doing one thing & never getting a shot again? But you can never make the best of it. Cause’ deep down, even when you’re at your death bed their’s always this doubt within you asking if you made the right choices, if your life ever effected someone & this simply means that you didn’t make the best of it – because if you did, you wouldn’t be so doubtful towards yourself.


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