You disappoint me, Maybe you’re better off this way.

I think the main problem with our society is that we think too much. Its not much of a problem as something that comes naturally. We were born thinkers, & we’re also equally influenced. Those of us who think above all others are the ones who think right, because we create the path that others that others follow. It can be anything, a haircut, a particular colour of a t-shirt, or even the way we talk or the stuff we say.

We lead the way that others follow. Some of us like it cause’ it gives us the feeling of playing God for a while, for others like me, its like being robbed of what makes you different from everyone around you.

So concluding, the real problem with our society is that we like to conform to which ever fad suits us our tastes the most.

Many enjoy the idea of conforming, because it makes the person who thought of it first feel powerful, because their word is law. Others abhor it, take Nirvana’s late front man Kurt Cobain for example. Before his death it was obvious that he didn’t like attention, the expectations, the fact that people wanted to be him, he rebelled against being similar to everyone.

The irony of the situation is though, that will the various fads going around, each individual thinks how they’re actually unique; the punk rockers rebelling against the government, or the rock & rollers still hung up on sex & drugs, there’s a whole group of the same people actually fighting for the same cause. In a way I guess thats what makes them feel like they are ‘sui generis’ – they find a new reason to do something in life, a new drive.

& for people like me? We just like looking around us & admire the disastrous beauty of it all. Cause’ creating fads is so 2 millenniums ago.


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