So many anchors weighing me down.

There are a lot of things that many of us don’t understand & for good reason in a way. Whatever is hidden from us keeps us in peaceful ignorant bliss even though it is not always the case. We are creatures who despise change. We cry over lost heroes & tragic wars & moments of past grandeur ignoring the present until it too changes into something that used to be. The future seems dim to us & we only value it when it too is gone. Tomorrow is another day but yesterday is history.

The past helps us value things we ignore & toss away into the never ending oblivion of forgotten morals, helps us appreciate the present as it does not stay for ever. Once we move on, the past seems more cherishable, more likeable than we last remembered & all our past problems & worries seem to diminish into darkness & doubt lest they still haunt us in the present.

We cherish the past because it is firm, it is unchanging, its the same as we last remember it, but it also never coming back. The moments are stuck in time & will forever. Nothing we can do will bring them back. At the same time we can never trust the future, as many of us describe it as ‘scary’ since it is forever unchanging, with countless possibilities depending on your choices in the current present. Those of us who are too blinded look at the optimistic side completely obscuring the pessimistic results because we just love being lost in ignorant bliss.

Hoping for the optimistic turn of results is fine, its human nature to do so, but stupidity is to be sure. We can never be sure. If everything happens as we planned, its all a fluke. If we look at all the reasons why our future maybe ruined, we’d go half mad because the possibilities are endless. Sometimes blissful ignorance is the answer to it all. & peace & serenity. Coming to terms with all that is going on in your life is the greatest achievement of all. But you can never be sure of that.


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