October love !

I’m in love with myself at the moment haha. Okay not exactly in love with me per say but what my personality is. I don’t believe in all that horoscope stuff OR that crap about planets & constellations & stuff, but I do like reading these personality trait things which almost always turn out true. I don’t know if its a coincidence or whatever but they pretty much increase the whole level of awesomness. xP

Okay so since I’m born in October, here’s some of the basic things about them;

Likes – Peace, harmony, sharing, kindness.
* Dislikes – Injustice, orthodoxy, violence.
* Perfect Gift – The perfect gift for any Libran can be anything related to music, art or relaxation.
* Careers – Law, politics, diplomacy, art, fashion, advertising or promotional jobs, marketing. [Disagree about the last bit, I dislike advertising or promotional jobs & marketing because I find it hypocritical]

*Lucky Numbers – 1, 2 and 7. [Disagree again, Librans are supposed to be symmetrical & balanced, there’s nothing balanced about odd numbers & I personally dislike 1 & 7]

*One of the most important qualities of a Libra profile is their balanced personality. They like to treat everybody with the same fairness and equality. They are judicial peacemakers. Librans hate to be alone; however with their charming personality and intellectual mind they are hard to remain alone for long. For a Libran, relationships are very important.

One of the most interesting facts about the character of a Libra is that they are social animals that love their friends and family. They are fun loving and dependable. Due to their charming and sophisticated personality, people can not help but get attracted to them. They seek harmony and peace around them. In tough times, they like to balance both the sides of an issue which makes them excellent negotiators. Friendly and sociable, Librans make excellent friends. [True again]

Okay I’m born in the 2nd Decan, which are different from the 1st & 3rd Decans.

*Librans born in the Second Decan that is between October 3 and October 12 are slimmer with a straight nose. They have a medium to tall body type.

*You are naturally inclined to look for the basic good in mankind, even though you may be disappointed frequently. You may not adjust quickly or easily to changes in your everyday life and activites. Routine and stability are very appealing to you; chaos is extremely upsetting.

With Libra as your rising sign, you are, of course, other-persons-oriented; but your orientation may be less intimate and personal than if you had the first decan of Libra rising. You may be especially concerned that you receive adequate compensation and rewards from your career endeavors or your business partnerships.

Being basically socially inclined, it’s probable you’ll seek membership in various clubs and groups which support your basic motivations to improve conditions for the general benefit of mankind. In some areas you might accurately be described as a refomer because you will put your total support behind causes in which you fully believe. Many of you may be known to champion the causes of the “underdog.” No one should ever think that you are predictable, as the unexpected urgings of Uranus often prevail.

You may be that unusual personality who, when observed by others over a short perlod of time, is regarded as inconsistent and extremely difficult to understand; but if observed over longer periods, it’s much easier to see there is “method” in your “madness.”

There is much stability and deliberate purpose behind your actions, however unorthodox. In relationships, you protect your feelings by not allowing yourself to became too close or too intimately involved with most others, preferring to remain somewhat aloof emotionally, limiting your unions mainly to those that stimulate you mentally, philosophically, or perhaps politically.

*The Second Decan of Libra is also known as the Aquarius Decante and the “Week of Society.” Individuals born during this period are fair-minded but unsettled in disposition. Their ability to understand other people make them natural leaders and they are often shrewd enough to turn this to their own advantage. When swayed by the moody influence of Saturn (the primary Planet governing this Decan), these natives can display impatience and will frequently use considerable daring in an effort to attain immediate goals. Nonetheless, the powers of Saturn and Uranus (this Decan’s secondary ruling Planet), can result in a true humanitarian, one who could succeed in science, medicine or government. Alternatively, the power of Uranus can lead to a something of a rebellious character…one that balks against restrictions and places immense value on liberty and autonomy. Something of a social creature, a native of this Decan wants to make a splash in society and has a strong desire to make friends. Still, they tend to play the edges in relationships…pushing the envelope at every opportunity. With a strong dislike of hypocrites, individuals born during this time period take immense pleasure in exposing such persons. Their acquaintances are usually eclectic and come from all walks of life. Driven more by logic and less by love-hunger, those ruled by this Decan are basically free spirits…ones who are blessed with sex appeal and who are popular and outgoing. The inherent gift for self-expression and original thinking can result in real wealth and there is a natural link to future technology, coupled with marvellous ideas and the ability to sell them. In addition, natives born during this time period would probably make for passionate defense attorneys. The motto of the Second Decan of Libra is “Poise.”

Ignoring all the bs about planets & stuff, & the repeated things over & over, its pretty true, all of it infact.

Last but not least;

The Most Typical Libra Physical Trait – Dimples

One of the most typical characteristics of Libra personality is the Dimple of Venus”. You would find many Librans sporting a couple of them. With the charming Libran smile these dimples become all the more apparent. May be this is the reason why their smile can work as magic and brighten up the entire place. [HAHAHA <3]

General Libra Physical Traits

As their Zodiac sign of scales tell us, Librans are found to be quite balanced in their physical appearance. They have a proportionate body and even if they put on weight, it is evenly spread on their entire body. Hence the physical traits of Libra are not so peculiar that you can easily spot them in a crowd. Both male and female Librans are of medium height and regular build. They tend to have a curvy body and have a graceful movement. You would hardly find a Libran woman with a skinny physique.

The second category of Libra body characteristics includes people with slender body built and good height. These people have narrow forehead and blue or grey eyes. These Librans are observant, hence are able to form excellent opinions. They can become excellent marketers with their interpersonal skills. [True except the forehead & the eyes bit].

So all in all, alot of is true. I don’t believe in it cause’ they might just be random facts but they are so they are, not believing OR believing in them will change them. So all in all, my ego just grew overnight. xP


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