Your Pastime Consisted of the Strange; The Twisted & Deranged.

I’m still working on my album review, & I’m slightly sad at the fact that it brings up memories of my younger self, everything seemed so perfect then .. I really didn’t have much to worry about, not the exams, results, people or even me infact. Ah well, we’ll just have to move on then.

Anyhow so I’m really worried about my A levels, I’m studying like around 2 chapters a day, & I still got like the whole of physics left to study. I need tuitions for that & as far as Biology & Chemistry go, I need to revise every waking hour.

Oh & it was my birthday 2 days ago, nothing special though, will do something about it someday. I think. But for now I’m worriedddddd beyond reasoning. I can’t believe I’m finding time to actually write this, I should be studying.

OMG for some reason I miss this dude these days, no reason at all. & I feel so cut off, I need my friends. Not like I’m dying or anything but its just a good feeling ..



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